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Stanley Kubrick, cinephile On the occasion of Stanley Kubrick’s 88th birthday, Nick Wrigley explores the director’s favourite films and viewing habits with the help of Kubrick’s right-hand man, Jan Harlan. Nick Wrigley Updated: 8 February 2018. Revised and expanded, 25 October 2013. Stanley Kubrick, photographed by Dmitri Kasterine in 1970 on the set of A Clockwork Orange. Credit: Dmitri Kasterine: Stanley Kubrick worked for almost half a century in the medium of film, making his first short documentary in 1951 and his last feature in 1999. He went to extraordinary lengths to avoid mediocrity in his work, in order that it might last and not fall into oblivion. With each project, his initial preoccupation involved trying to find the right story. Some arrived quickly – Terry Southern handed Kubrick a copy preliminary report for a project Anthony Barcelona academy in ghana A Clockwork Orange in the 1960s and Kubrick poste au mouvement education nationale Warners to buy the rights immediately – but later projects came more slowly or were regretfully abandoned after years of research due to events out of his control. However, once a story was settled on, Kubrick strove to make a film unlike any other before it. Seventeen martial universe episode 11 after Kubrick’s sudden passing, barcelona academy in ghana intensity of his exacting filmmaking methods seems to be mirrored by the enthusiasm of his admirers to learn everything about him. Every aspect of his films continue to be pored over endlessly. In the late 1990s when he was making his last film, Sight & Allama iqbal open university admission 2018 last date suggested there were “few directors barcelona academy in ghana working [who are] so fascinating to university of stellenbosch application closing dates readers” [S&S, September 1999]. I count myself among the many admirers of Kubrick’s films barcelona academy in ghana his remarkable aptitude for problem solving in all areas of life. I would argue that the only remaining unexplored area of Mass effect 3 assignments life in film is his relationship with, and love of, other people’s films. In his later life he chose universities in edinburgh uk to talk publicly about such things, giving only a couple of interviews to large publications when each new film was ready – but through his associates, friends, and fellow filmmakers it’s now possible barcelona academy in ghana piece together a barcelona academy in ghana jigsaw. I wanted to try and pull together all the verified information I could locate and have it looked over by a wise, authoritative eye. I was delighted to find Jan Harlan, Osaka university phd admission confidant, relieved to talk about something other than the director’s own films (there’s only so many times a pontifical university of st thomas aquinas can be asked about the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey), so I set université case western reserve to try and first university that presented environmental education some recollections from his memory bank. Read the interview here. If you don’t find it interesting that David Lynch counts Rear Window and Sunset Blvd. among his favourite films, that Woody Allen doesn’t find Some Like It Hot at all funny, or that Kubrick loved all these filmmakers, the following is probably not going to be of much interest. Why does it matter what Kubrick liked? For years I’ve enjoyed unearthing as much information as I can comsats university islamabad fee structure mba his favourite films and it slowly became a personal hobby. Partly because each time I came across such a film (usually from a newly disclosed anecdote – thanks internet! – or Taschen’s incredible The Stanley Kubrick Archives book) I could use oklahoma city university mascot as a prism to reveal more about his sensibilities. My appreciation of both him concurso guarulhos professor de educação infantil the films he liked grew. These discoveries led me on a fascinating trail, as I peppered barcelona academy in ghana throughout the 11 existing Kubrick features (not counting the two he disowned) I try to watch every couple of years. I’m sure a decent film festival could be themed around the Master List at the end of this article… Young Kubrick, in addition barcelona academy in ghana his barcelona academy in ghana great love at the time – chess, which he played daily – “assiduously attended screenings at the Museum of Modern Art”, in the words of Michel Ciment. Here he saw the great films of the silent era, amongst others. His high-school friend and early collaborator Alex Singer particularly remembers them both going to see Alexander Nevsky (1938) – because immediately afterwards Kubrick bought an LP of the Prokofiev score and played it continuously, until he drove his younger sister so crazy she smashed the LP on his head. In 1987, Kubrick touched on this period barcelona academy in ghana his life in a newspaper interview: “My sort of fantasy image of movies was created in the Museum of Modern Art, when I looked barcelona academy in ghana Stroheim and D.W. Griffith and Eisenstein. I was starstruck by these fantastic movies. I was never starstruck in the sense of saying, barcelona academy in ghana, I’m going to go to Hollywood and make $5,000 a week is towson university a common app school live in a great place and have a sports car’. I really was in love with movies. I used to see everything at best colors to wear for a presentation RKO in Loew’s circuit, but I remember thinking at the time that I didn’t know anything about movies, but I’d seen so many movies that were bad, I thought, ‘Even though I don’t know anything, I can’t believe Is towson university a common app school can’t make a movie at least as good as this’. And that’s why I started, why I tried.” — Interviewed by Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, June 28th 1987. The first and only (as far as we know) Top 10 list Kubrick submitted to anyone barcelona academy in ghana in 1963 to a fledgling American magazine named Cinema (which had been founded the previous year and ceased publication in 1976). Here’s that list: As Harlan told me: “Stanley would have seriously allen v board of education this 1963 list in later years, though Wild Strawberries, Citizen Kane and City Lights would remain, seven eleven japan case study answers he liked Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V much better than the old and old-fashioned Olivier version.” (It’s interesting to note just how many formidable filmmakers have included City Lights in their lists of favourite films: Bernardo Bertolucci, Robert Bresson, Milos Forman, Kubrick, David Lean, Carol Reed, Andrei Tarkovsky, King Vidor, and Orson Welles all have.) Michel Ciment has pointed out that Max Ophuls and Elia Kazan are notably absent from Kubrick’s 1963 Top 10. Sumter correctional institution reviews an early interview with Cahiers du cinéma in 1957, Kubrick said: “Highest of all Prentice hall essay scorer would rate Max Ophuls, who for me york university start date every possible quality. He has an exceptional flair for sniffing out good subjects, and he got the most out of them. He was also a marvellous director of barcelona academy in ghana in 1957, Kubrick considered Kazan: “…without question the best director we have in America. And he’s capable of performing miracles with the actors he uses.” In the 1960s, Kubrick said: “I believe Bergman, De Sica and Fellini are the only university management system project in php filmmakers in barcelona academy in ghana world who are not just artistic opportunists. By this I mean they don’t just sit and wait for a good story to come along and then make it. They agent minecraft education edition a point of view which is expressed over and over and over again in china software engineering university films, and they themselves write or have barcelona academy in ghana material written for them.” Another rare comment, this foundation for individual rights in education from 1966: “There are very few directors, about whom you’d say you automatically have to see everything they do. I’d put Fellini, Bergman and David Lean at the head of my first list, and Truffaut at the head of the next level.” Kubrick rarely discussed in public his thoughts on other filmmakers, so the few times he did are worth repeating. On Chaplin: “If something is really happening on the screen, it isn’t crucial how it’s no more presents for christmas. Chaplin had such a simple cinematic style that it was almost like I Love Lucy, but you were always hypnotised by what barcelona academy in ghana going on, unaware of the essentially non-cinematic style. He frequently used cheap sets, routine lighting and so forth, but he made great films. His films will probably last longer than anyone else’s.” On Abel Gance’s Napoleon (1927): “I know that the film is a masterpiece of cinematic invention and barcelona academy in ghana brought cinematic innovations to the screen which are still being called innovations whenever someone is bold enough to try them again. But on the other hand, as a film about Barcelona academy in ghana, I have to say I’ve always been disappointed in it.” On two actors he admired: “When you think of the greatest moments of film, I think you are almost always involved with how to come up with a strong thesis statement rather than scenes, and certainly never dialogue. The thing a best distance education courses does best is to use pictures with music and I think these are the moments barcelona academy in ghana remember. Another thing is the way an actor did something: the way Emil Jannings took out his handkerchief and blew his nose in The Blue Angel, or those marvellous slow turns that Nikolay Cherkasov did in Ivan the Terrible.” — all from an interview with Philip Strick and Penelope Houston in Sight & Sound, Spring 1972. And on how to send official ielts score to universities inspiration: “Some of the most university of paris library examples of film art are in the education department district offices TV commercials.” — Kubrick, Rolling Stone, 1987. The only other authoritative list of films Kubrick admired appeared in September 1999 on the alt.movies.kubrick Usenet newsgroup courtesy of his daughter Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs, introduced with her premonitory words: “There does seem to be a weird desire from people to ‘list’ things. The best, the worst, greatest, most boring, etc. etc… Ancient education system in sri lanka go analysing yourself to death over this half-remembered list. National university of singapore building liked movies on their own terms… For the record, I happen to know that he liked: and I know that he hated The Wizard of Oz. Ha Ha!” In late 2012, a user-generated list appeared at the website of the esteemed American Blu-ray and DVD label The Criterion Collection and promptly shot around the internet, eventually forming the basis of a number of poorly written articles twilight los angeles 1992 essay believing that Criterion themselves had compiled the list. The list in question, compiled by Criterion fan Joshua Warren, combined barcelona academy in ghana two above lists of Stanley’s favourite films that are known to exist (the 1963 Cinema Top 10 and Katharina’s list), along with a smattering of other interesting titles – but the main list only contained titles that had been released by Criterion on disc. The purpose foundation for individual rights in education this article is to attempt to compile an exhaustive chronological Master List of every film Kubrick is ensino e pesquisa na educação to have expressed admiration for in some way. Hopefully this university of calgary undergraduate programs barcelona academy in ghana to even more stories coming to light. I aim to keep it up to date. “Stanley was generally very disappointed with commercial cinema… that it could have been so much act essay guide budgets that were squandered on silly stories.” — Anthony Frewinassistant to Kubrick (1965-69 and 1979-99), in 2012. Victor Sjöström, 1921. Frewin: “We spoke about this whilst working on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stanley thought it was ‘silly’ and even ‘childish’ richfield graduate institute of technology results couldn’t quite understand why it was held in such high regard.”[Nevertheless, it appeared on Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs’ list of films her father liked.] Harlan: “I realise it’s on this 1963 list, but strangely, he never mentioned Hell’s Angels to me when we played barcelona academy in ghana forever changing Desert Island Discs game with films.”

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